How to Create QR Code for WiFi? | WiFi QR Code Generator

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How to Create QR Code for WiFi? | WiFi QR Code Generator

The security of WiFi networks is vital, so we must always make sure that encryption is turned on and an access password is in place.

As a result, the password for access must be known by all connecting devices but this can be inconvenient. However, there is an easy way to transmit this password today, and it is via a QR code.

What is a WiFi QR code?

A WiFi QR code when scanned, allows you to connect to an internet network without having to fill up the password.

You can rapidly make a WiFi QR code using our QR code generator and then place it in certain places for guests (clients, friends, and family) to scan and connect to the network.

How to Generate a QR code for WiFi?

You can use our free QR code generator to help you create a WiFi code for your needs:

Step 1 – Fill Up the Information

The first thing you have to do is fill up the “Network name,” “Network type,” and “Password” fields. Generally, your modem/router have this information written on it. You can also find it in your internet subscription documentation.

In the “Network type” field, you can choose the type of encryption:

  • WEP
  • WPA/WPA2
  • No encryption

if your PC or Mac is linked to a network, checking the properties of your Internet connection will reveal the network name and type. You can also get this information by simply calling the customer support of your internet service provider.

Step 2 – Customize the QR Code (Optional)

You can customize your QR code with the following options:

  • Colors
  • Style
  • Logo
  • Frame
  • Options
Customize QR code on QR code generator

Step 3 – Download the QR Code

You can save the QR code as a:

  • PNG file
  • SVG file

In case you want it to be in vector format, save it as SVG.

After you’ve downloaded your QR code, make sure you test it. Scanning and previewing your code to ensure everything is in order is a smart practice.

Download QR code from QR code generator

How WiFi QR Code Works?

When the QR code is scanned, there will be a prompt to join or connect to the network. The QR code can be scanned using the default camera app of the device (iOS or Android) or third-party QR code scanner.

Applications for WiFi QR Code


Many travelers in the world demand WiFi in their hotel rooms, and some even claim that they would not return to a hotel if they could not access the internet.

The use of WiFi QR Codes in hotel rooms eliminates the need to ask hotel employees for internet access. It is a good idea to put an explanatory note near the QR code so that visitors may learn how to use it.


In restaurants, one of the most typical issues is asking the waiter for the WiFi password. Post WiFi QR codes on tabletops, walls, and even menus to make it easy for your customers to access the internet by scanning the QR code.

Public Places

The public may easily access the internet in some places, thanks to free community WiFi connections. With WiFi QR code, people can scan the code to connect to the public network easily.

Office Spaces

The use of WiFi QR code in office spaces allow visitors and staff to quickly connect to the internet by scanning the code. This eliminates the need to ask for the WiFi password from an authorized individual.


Many people get bored waiting for test results in a hospital. Post WiFi QR codes in prominent places in hospitals and clinics so that visitors can quickly connect to the WiFi network.

Tourist Places

It is a good idea to place WiFi QR codes at tourist spots so that tourists can easily connect to the internet by scanning the code. With access to the internet, it will help tourists with getting around the place, encouraging them to post their experience at the tourist spot on social media and providing a list of must-see places in the vicinity.

House with Friends and Family

It’s difficult to guide each visitor through the settings of your WiFi when they come to visit. It’s troublesome. You need to tell them your network name, follow by the password, and double-check that they are connected. However, you can show them a QR code and they can easily scan it to connect to your network.

WiFi QR Code Generator

You don’t need to be a graphic designer to create a variety of free QR codes (URL, text, vCard, etc.) by using our WiFi QR code generator. After you’ve personalized your QR code, all you have to do now is download it.

Create your unique and personalized QR code in a quick and easy way without any registration. Not only can you make a WiFi QR code, but you have the option to create various types of QR codes for your needs.


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