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January 24, 2021
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How to Create QR Code for WhatsApp? WhatsApp QR Code Generator

QR code for WhatsApp makes communications easier and more convenient. With the aid of a QR code generator, you can create QR code for WhatsApp that can help you create awareness about your business or share information about your business swiftly and easily.

What is a WhatsApp QR code?

A WhatsApp QR code directs users to the WhatsApp application with a prefilled number and message, to which the user can send out the WhatsApp message conveniently. This is important for a business in terms of sharing their contact information and facilitating communication with their customers.

How can you generate WhatsApp QR Code?

Let us look at how you can generate QR code for WhatsApp using a QR code generator. To make it easy for you, here are the steps that you can follow to generate QR code for your business that you can use for WhatsApp.

Step 1 – Select the Country Code and Enter Phone Number

Select your country code and enter the correct phone number. This phone number that you enter will be used as the contact number in the default message that is activated upon scanning the QR code.

Step 2 – Add a Pre-set Message or Leave the Message Field Blank

The next important step is to add a text message that will be sent to the user. This message will be the default text that the user will get once they scan the QR code. You can choose to leave this message field blank.

Step 3 – Customize the WhatsApp QR Code

The next step is to customize your generated QR code. Though customizing the QR code is optional, this step ensures that QR code looks attractive and appealing to your audience.

Customize QR code on QR code generator

Step 4 – Download the WhatsApp QR code obtained

Now that your unique QR code is ready. It is time to download the generated QR code. You can choose to download the file in PNG or SVG format, or print it out directly if you are connected to a printer.

Once you have the QR code downloaded and ready, make sure you test QR code by scanning it. Testing the QR code is essential to ensure that the QR code works well when you put it into use.

Download QR code from QR code generator

How WhatsApp QR Code Works?

WhatsApp QR codes are very useful in ensuring that you share your contact information swiftly and easily. It adds convenience to the user experience and saves the user’s time. When a QR code is scanned how the QR code would work is based on the user’s device. Here are the possibilities:

A) When the QR code is scanned using an iPhone’s in-built camera, a notification appears on the top. When the user taps the notification, he is automatically redirected to WhatsApp with the pre-set message and the phone number.

B) When the user scans the QR code from the iPhone QR Scanner that is access from the control centre Android phone camera, Google lens or third-party QR code scanner, the phone asks for permission to open the WhatsApp application.

If however, the user does not have WhatsApp installed in the phone, the user will be led to a page that will prompt them to download the WhatsApp application.

How to obtain QR code for WhatsApp personal number?

You can even obtain your WhatsApp QR code for your own number without using our QR code generator. You can do that directly from WhatsApp. But the only disadvantage of obtaining a WhatsApp QR code directly from WhatsApp is the fact that such a QR code can be recognized only through the WhatsApp camera. The WhatsApp QR code that you can create using our WhatsApp QR generator can be recognized by any QR code scanner. Apart from that you can also customize the QR code as per your needs using our QR Code generator.

Here’s how you can obtain the QR code directly from WhatsApp:

Step 1 – Go to WhatsApp Settings.

Step 2 – Now click on QR Code icon beside your name.

Step 3 – You will see a personal QR code with your number. You may share this QR code by tapping on the Share option which will then present you will all the sending and share options based on apps you have in your phone.

How to obtain QR code for WhatsApp Business?

If you have a WhatsApp Business account, you can obtain your own QR code on the WhatsApp Business app itself. QR Codes for WhatsApp Business can be recognized by any QR Scanner unlike WhatsApp for personal use. You can however create your QR code using our QR Code generator as it gives you the added advantage of customizing your QR Code. Listed below are the steps to obtain a QR code through WhatsApp Business.

Step 1 – Go to the settings by clicking on the three vertical dots on top right-hand corner.

Step 2 – Tap on code right beside the business contact display name.

Step 3 – You will see a QR code for your business contact number that you can share using the Share Code button. This code can be scanned by users and they will be able to contact you on WhatsApp.

You can even add a default message to your WhatsApp Business QR code and to do that you can follow the below steps:

Step 1 – Go to settings.

Step 2 – Click on business tools

Step 3 – You will see a short link option right above Facebook & Instagram option.

Step 4 – Simply compose your message. When your customers scan the QR code, they will get your contact with the default text which they can edit and send.

How to obtain QR code for WhatsApp group?

You may have a WhatsApp group of your customers or it may be a group of close contacts. You can also obtain a QR code for your WhatsApp group through WhatsApp. To do this follow the below steps:

Step 1 – Open the group chat and click on the name which will take you to settings.

Step 2 – Tap on the share option on the top right corner or use the ‘Invite to Group via Link’ under the Add Participants option. This will lead to an interface in Step 3. You must be an Admin to be able to see these options.

Step 3 – Under Invite Link you will see several options such as copy link, share link, QR Code and Reset Link. Tap on QR Code option.

Step 4 – You will thus get the QR Code for the WhatsApp group. You will get an option to share the QR Code you obtained. The QR code can be scanned with WhatsApp camera only.

You can however create a QR code that can be scanned by all QR Scanners by using the Invite link obtained in Step 3 above and generating a QR code for that link using our QR Code generator.

Applications for WhatsApp QR code.

Now that we have seen how QR code for WhatsApp can be generated for different purposes let us look at some of the applications of a WhatsApp QR Code.

Real Estate Agencies

WhatsApp QR codes can prove extremely helpful in streamlining the contact process between an agent and the customer. The agent’s WhatsApp QR code can be listed alongside the specific properties and customers can get in touch with the specific agent using the given QR codes.

Business Consultants

Using a WhatsApp QR code for a business consultant on a business brochure can help the clients get in touch with the consultant directly without having to physically grab a copy of the brochure.


Any retail shops selling goods can have these QR Codes on their packaging or bags so that in case of any issues, the users can directly scan these QR codes and contact the retailers.

Tour Planners & Operators

A local tour organizer can reach out to more potential customers and prospects by creating a big poster with the new package details and a WhatsApp QR code that will lead the interested customer to message the tour operator directly.

Home Repairs Services

Home repair services can have their WhatsApp QR codes printed on their vehicles and posters so that anybody who needs these services can easily scan and contact them.

WhatsApp QR Code Generator

WhatsApp in today’s world has now come to become one of the most used communication tools. The idea of WhatsApp QR codes simply cuts out all the time that could be wasted in saving the contact separately. Using our amazing QR code generator you will be able to make beautiful WhatsApp QR codes for all your projects. The best part is it is free. So what are you waiting for, for all your unique QR code needs, simply use the best QR code generator.


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