How to Create QR Code for vCard? | vCard QR Code Generator

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January 28, 2021
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How to Create QR Code for vCard? | vCard QR Code Generator

Business cards are frequently made to represent a person as well as their professional affiliation or organization. Physical business cards can now be converted into vCards thanks to QR code.

In the marketing, business, and technology world, QR codes on business cards are a recent but effective trend. These cards are appropriate for networking, corporate gatherings, and meetings.

What is a vCard QR Code?

A vCard (Virtual Business Card) is an electronic business card file format standard. vCards, like typical business cards, can include information such as name, address, email address, phone number, URL, company, and job title.

When you scan a vCard QR code, it electronically displays the contact information on your device’s screen. The phone number, name, address, email address and URL are all displayed when the QR code is scanned.

Furthermore, after scanning the QR code, the user may immediately add your contact to their smartphone, making it more convenient and beneficial than a typical business card.

How to Create a QR Code for vCard?

You can create a QR code with just a few steps through our free QR code generator

Step 1 – Fill Up the Details

You can use our QR code generator to enter any type of information you want to display on your vCard. It’s worth noting that the “First name” field is required. The remaining fields are optional, though many of them may be necessary for you.

You can add the following data:

  • Title
  • Last name
  • Phone (home)
  • Phone (mobile)
  • Email
  • Website (URL)
  • Company
  • Job title
  • Phone (office)
  • Fax
  • Address
  • Postcode
  • City
  • State
  • Country

You can also select the version. We recommend version 3.0.

Step 2 – Customize the QR Code (Optional)

Our QR code generator allows you to adjust your code’s design, color, logo, and frame to fit your needs. Other variables, such as precision and size, can also be changed under ‘Options’.

Customize QR code on QR code generator

Step 3 – Download the QR Code

You can now proceed to download your QR code. Depending on your needs, you can save it as a PNG or SVG file, or print it out if your device is connected to a printer. You must also ensure that it functions properly by scanning it before putting it into use.

Download QR code from QR code generator

How vCard QR Code Works?

vCard QR Codes can be read with any QR Code scanner and stored on any Microsoft, Android, or Apple device.

After scanning the QR code, what the user will see differs, depending on the type of device use.

iOS Devices

When you scan the QR code with an iOS device, you’ll be prompted to enter the contact to your smartphone’s contacts. Other possibilities include sending a message, making a phone call, sharing or updating a contact, and so on.

Android Devices

When you scan the QR code with an Android device, you’ll be asked to add the contact. You will have the option to change the contact’s information.

Why Use a vCard QR Code?

vCard QR codes can be used to encode most of your important contact details. This is advantageous since it eliminates the need for excessive information on your business card.

Some of the reasons why you should use a vCard QR code are:

Designing a Business Card That isn’t Cluttered

The vCard allows you to keep all of the information you require and just display the most necessary on your business card, resulting in a clutter-free, simple appearance.

Any Device Will Work with This Type of Code

Any QR Code reader can read a vCard QR Code, and it may be stored on any device. That is due to the fact that vCard is a data format that major apps such as Google Contacts, Apple Address Book, and Microsoft Outlook can open.

Networking Has Never Been Easier.

It’s a hassle to enter each contact’s information into your phone manually. All you have to do with a vCard QR Code is scan and store it on your smartphone with a tap.

Implementation is Free

Using our vCard QR Code generator to create a vCard is absolutely free. Simply fill up all of the required information, edit the code to suit your design, and then download it.

Applications for vCard QR Code

The advantage of employing a vCard QR Code is that it may be used in any sector. That is because in any company, having a business card with our contact details is required. Furthermore, they can be used by a wide range of professionals. For example, a doctor’s business card can have a vCard QR Code on it so that his patients can preserve their contacts in case of an emergency. The same applies in other industries such as design, business consultants, education etc.

It’s worth noting that a vCard QR code can be utilized in a variety of applications. The most typical method is to print it on a business card so that users can easily save the contact details. However, this isn’t the only place where your QR code might be useful.

The QR code can also be placed on website and landing page so that it’s easy for users to add the contact information. This code is also suitable for inclusion in email signatures.

vCard QR Code Generator

No matter what you need it for, our vCard QR code generator will allow you to make bespoke QR codes without having to be a designer. In this situation, you can quickly create a QR code and download it to start utilizing it.


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