How to Create QR Code for Skype? | Skype QR Code Generator

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January 25, 2021
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How to Create QR code for Skype? | Skype QR Code Generator

Having a QR code that will lead users to Skype directly with prefilled contact information is a great idea. This is a good utility both for the user and people who wish to share their skype contact information quickly and easily. In this piece we will walk you through everything about QR code for Skype.

What is a Skype QR code?

A Skype QR code is a QR code that is used to share Skype contact information seamlessly. A Skype QR code can either be generated using a QR code generator or using the Skype mobile app. Let us see how the QR code can be generated in the next steps.

How to generate QR code for Skype?

Let us look at the steps involved in creating the QR Code for Skype with our QR code generator: 

Step 1 – Select call or chat option 

Select the Call or Chat option in the Skype tab. Based on your selection, a user scanning the QR code will either open the chat or call interface.

Step 2 – Enter Skype username 

The next step is to enter the Skype username.

Step 3 – Customize the QR code (optional) 

In this step you can customize the QR code. You can select options such as design, colors, frame, logo, and all other options.

Customize QR code on QR code generator

Step 4 – Download the QR code 

Once your QR code is ready, you can download the file in SVG or PNG format or you can print it if your device is connected to a printer.

After you have downloaded the QR code, make sure you test if your QR code is working well by scanning it. This is an important step before you use the QR code in your projects.

Download QR code from QR code generator

How to obtain QR code for Skype?

This is an alternative method of obtaining the Skype QR code where you don’t need to use our QR code generator. You can obtain it by accessing your own Skype account from the Skype mobile app. This is a very convenient way of sharing your contact information with someone face-to-face. Here are the steps:

Step 1 – Start by tapping on your Skype Profile picture.

Step 2 – Tap on ‘Skype Profile’.

Step 3 – Tap on ‘Share Profile’.

Step 4 – Tap on the ‘QR Code’ option and you will be able to obtain your Skype account QR code.

The other person with whom you need to share your Skype contact can simply scan the Skype QR code. This will open the Skype interface on the other person’s device and the person will be able to add your Skype contact.

Having said that, you cannot download the QR code that you obtain from the Skype mobile app. The only way you can use this QR code is by taking a screenshot. These screenshots may not be the best option to be used in your business cards or your website. Hence, using our OR code generator is the best option.

How Skype QR Code Works? 

Skype can be access through a link. However, that can be tedious or inconvenient in certain circumstances. That is why QR codes have become a great alternative to access Skype. 

Depending on the type of device the user has, how the QR code work would vary slightly. 

When the user scans the QR code with the iPhone’s built-in camera, a notification will show at the top. The Skype app will instantly open when the user taps on the notification. 

When the user scans the QR code with: 

  • The iPhone’s QR scanner (which can be accessed through the control center) 
  • Android’s built-in camera 
  • Google Lens 
  • A third-party QR scanner app 

In that case, it will ask for permission to open Skype. 

However, in the above two circumstances, when the user does not have Skype installed on the device, the user will be directed to a page to download Skype. 

Applications for Skype QR Code

Skype is loaded with a number of features that let you invite someone to start chatting on its platform. You can either copy the link and send the invite link using a standard text message or you can use another app to send the link. But there are times when a link may look too clumsy and as such you can create a Skype QR code using our Skype QR code generator. You can then place this created QR code on your website, pamphlets, poster, or business cards so that your intended audience can get in touch with you easily.

You may also use a Skype QR code if you are at work. You can simply share the QR code for your co-workers to join you over a meeting on Skype. Similarly, if you are a lecturer or an educator, Skype QR codes can be used as a means for your students to add your contact easily.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does Skype have its own QR code scanner?

Yes, however Skype QR code scanner is only able to read a QR code generated through Skype. The Skype QR code scanner does not recognize any other QR code generated through third-party QR code generators.

How do I use Skype to scan QR code?

Step 1 – Open you skype account and tap on the profile picture.

Step 2 – Tap/click on ‘Skype Profile’

Step 3 – Tap/click on the ‘Share profile’ option.

Step 4 – Tap/click on ‘QR Code’

Step 5 – Scan the QR code using the ‘Scan QR’ option at the bottom. Please note that the ‘Scan QR’ option can only be used to read QR codes obtained through Skype app.

Skype QR Code Generator

Using QR codes to share Skype contacts and chat invite links is convenient and let your users reach you swiftly and easily in a matter of a few taps. You can use these QR codes for Skype for all your different projects using our QR code generator.


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