14 Awesome QR Code Types That You Must Know

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June 14, 2021
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14 Awesome QR Code Types That You Must Know

QR codes are distinct for being easy to read, plus they can store more data than a traditional barcode. But one thing you might not know about QR codes is that they come in many forms. You can find many different types of QR codes today, with each having various uses.

The QR code types you’ll find today cover various pieces of data. You can find different QR codes that support many data forms that one can read or transfer. These include options for Wi-Fi connections, Bitcoin transfers, and traditional text messages. You can produce any of these codes online in moments, giving you the power to interact with people in different ways.

QR Code Data Types | 14 Different Types of QR Codes for Data

QR codes are convenient for how they help direct users to websites, numbers, or other details. A user can scan a QR code to get information on anything. Users can also scan these codes to transfer funds, messages, or other signals.

QR codes are efficient and secure, plus you can create as many unique codes as you wish. We have a free QR code generator that can help you produce any of these QR code types for your needs. Let’s take a look at the different types of QR codes you can create today.


A link QR code will direct a person to a specific URL. You can enter a web address into the QR code’s data set. A user will then scan that code to gain access to the link.

You can incorporate a link QR code in an advertisement to connect people to a website to learn more about a product or service, for example. A restaurant could also print a code that links to a webpage that shows its menu, giving diners the ability to read the menu on their phones without using physical menus.

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A text QR code helps you display text without printing lots of images and other bits of content. You can incorporate any piece of text you want in your code. A user will scan a QR code, and the scanning program will display a brief text message. The code can be a couple of hundred characters long. You can encode a Wi-Fi password, a discount code for shopping, or instructions on using a product or service in your QR code.

Our QR code love message blog post is an example of how you can use text QR code.

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You can convert an email message into a QR code. You can produce an email QR code with a subject header, a message, and an email address that will receive the note. An email QR code reduces errors, as someone who wishes to communicate with you won’t enter the wrong email.

You could create an email QR code that lets people provide feedback to your business, for example. A customer can scan a code and then provide details on one’s experience at your place of work.

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A location QR code provides details on a specific location. You need to enter the specific coordinates for your location based on its street address, or you can drag a display marker on your QR code program. The user can scan the QR code to get a link that will display the location on a map program like Google Maps.

An event organizer can produce a location QR code that lists where an event will occur, for example. A visitor can scan the QR code and then use a map program to find directions to get to that place.

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Another type of QR code you get to see is a phone QR code. You create a phone QR code by entering your country code and the specific number. The reader will scan the code and get details on a number. The user can then choose to call you on one’s phone right away if desired.

Phone QR codes are ideal if you utilize multiple numbers for different departments in your business. You could create codes that link to specific departments within your business, ensuring people can directly contact the specific people they want to reach.

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A user can send an SMS text message to a specific number through an SMS QR code. The code can include a phone number with an accompanying country code and a specific message someone will send. You can create SMS texts that people can send when they want to contact you about something.

SMS QR codes allow people to register their identities with websites or companies. They can also trigger a conversation with you by sending a message through the code you provide.

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WhatsApp is a popular messaging and phone-over-IP system people can use from anywhere. It can also read QR codes you can create in moments.

Similar to the SMS QR code, a WhatsApp QR code features a phone number and a message. A user who scans the code will activate the WhatsApp program on one’s device and can send the message to the designated phone number. Note that WhatsApp has to be installed in the user’s device in order for this to work. The message This QR code type is useful for retailers, real estate agents, or professional service providers who want to get in direct contact with potential clients.

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You can also create QR codes for people to reach you directly on the Skype videoconferencing app. Your QR code will include your username and a request to either chat or complete a direct video or audio call. The user will scan the code through a QR code scanner. The scanner will call upon the user’s Skype app on one’s device to start the call.

Skype QR codes are convenient for telehealth visits or private financial consultations. A professional can produce a unique QR code that a person can access in moments without putting it out to everyone. The unique code ensures each contact stays private.

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One of the most convenient QR code types to use is to help people access private Zoom videoconferencing meetings. You can create a Zoom QR code that includes a meeting ID and a password. The user will scan the QR code you send out to get access to the specific meeting. Your Zoom QR code will ensure people can safely reach your meeting and that no unauthorized parties will access it. A code is a necessity for personal events like business meetings or health consultations.

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People who want to connect to a Wi-Fi network can get there in moments through a Wi-Fi QR code. The user will point a scanner at a Wi-Fi QR code to connect to a specific network. These QR codes are critical for businesses, schools, and other sites that use networks open to visitors or clients.

One example entails how a hotel can help its guests access its Wi-Fi network. The hotel can link its Wi-Fi access to a QR code and add it to each room. The guests can scan these codes to gain Wi-Fi access on their devices after arriving.

Your Wi-Fi QR code will feature an SSID, a password, and details on the specific network type. These codes support WEP and WPA/WPA2 networks. You can also use one without encryption if you don’t have such support.

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V-cards are virtual business cards that include content accessible through a QR code on that card. The user will scan the code on your card to find all your details, including your email and website addresses, phone numbers, and an address. Creating a V-card QR code and adding it to your card ensures you’ll always have the most updated data available on your business card. Your code can also include direct links where people can immediately call you or find directions to your location.

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An event QR code is one of the best QR code formats for people who want to promote unique occasions. A business can use an event QR code to promote something. A real estate agent can highlight an open house event, or a hotel can promote a conference or other meeting on its premises.

An event QR code will feature a name for the event, its location, and the time when it starts and ends. You can enter the specific day and hour here. You can also add a link, notes on the event, and a reminder for when the event will start.

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A PayPal QR code lets people purchase items through a PayPal link. You can produce a code with an email address that links to your PayPal account. The code will feature the price someone will pay for something. These codes help if you have items you routinely sell and you want to simplify how people will pay for things. Charities can also use these codes to facilitate quick donations.

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The last of the different types of QR codes is a Bitcoin QR code. A Bitcoin QR code lets a user send Bitcoin to another address. The user can scan a code that features an address instead of manually entering an extensive array of letters and numbers.

A customer can scan a Bitcoin QR code and transfer the designated BTC to the receiving address. The transaction process ensures everything moves securely and accurately, especially since no one will accidentally enter the wrong address.

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Static and Dynamic Code

All of these different QR codes will work as static or dynamic codes. A static code is a one-off QR code that cannot be updated or edited after production. A static format works for website, Wi-Fi, email, V-card, or event codes.

A dynamic code lets you update and edit the details on the QR code as necessary. You can change event or contact details, or you can change a URL. Dynamic codes are best for campaigns where data might change.

Dynamic codes can work in both digital and printed forms. You can change the link in your dynamic code as necessary, and the user will go to that corrected link after scanning it.

Type of QR Code Formats

All the different QR codes you can find can appear in different formats. Each of the QR code formats available can store different amounts of data. Some may also be more suitable for specific surfaces or display needs. Here are some of the more common QR code formats you can find today.

QR Code Model 1 and Model 2

QR Code Model 1 and Model 2 (QR Code Formats)
QR Code Model 1 and Model 2 (QR Code Formats)

The most common types of scan codes you’ll find today are Model 1 and 2 codes. These codes can store various pieces of data, including physical coordinates or links to downloads.

A Model 1 code can support up to 1,167 numerals and 73 modules on each side. A Model 2 code is an advanced version that can store up to 7,089 numerals over up to 177 modules on each side.

Micro QR Code

Micro QR code example (QR Code Formats)
Micro QR code (QR Code Formats)

A micro QR code is a smaller version of a QR code. It features one orientation pattern instead of three. The minuscule design allows the code to appear on smaller surfaces, including on food packages. A micro QR code can hold up to 2,335 characters of data.

Data Matrix

Data matrix example (QR Code Formats)
Data matrix (QR Code Formats)

A data matrix features details on an item alongside unique specifics like a serial number or manufacturing ID. The matrix does not have any orientation patterns on its body. It is a small item that has been used by the United States Department of Defense to identify its sensitive assets. A data matrix can use up to 1,556 bytes of data with 2,335 characters.

iQR Code

iQR code example (QR Code Formats)
iQR code (QR Code Formats)

An iQR code will feature a square or rectangular design. It can appear as a dot pattern, an inversion, or a turned-over code. It has one of the most massive storage capabilities around, as it can secure nearly 40,000 numerals with up to 422 modules on each side.


A Security QR Code (SQRC) will feature restrictions on how people can read data. The QR code uses a separate setup that ensures only specific devices can read the code. SQRC looks exactly the same as a normal QR Code.

FrameQR Code

FrameQR example (QR Code Formats)
FrameQR (QR Code Formats)

You can store an image in the middle of a FrameQR code. The FrameQR code will feature an expanded body that allows its code to work even when there’s an image there. The design is ideal for promotional purposes.

High Capacity Colored 2-Dimensional (HCC2D) Code

High Capacity Colored 2-Dimensional (HCC2D) code example (QR Code Formats)
High Capacity Colored 2-Dimensional (HCC2D) code (QR Code Formats)

High Capacity Colored 2-Dimensional (HCC2D) code are currently under development by many entities. An HCC2D code will feature multiple colors beyond black and white in a design to enhance data density.

A Final Word

The different types of QR codes you can use today are convenient for all your messaging and promotional needs. Check out our QR code generator to learn more about how you can produce all these QR codes. We offer a convenient interface that helps you create QR codes in seconds.


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