Want QR Code Gift Ideas? Here are 7 to Try!

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Want QR Code Gift Ideas? Here are 7 to Try!

Want to send creative messages to family and friends?

You can do so with QR codes. They’re a good and reliable medium. And there are many ways to make use of them!

Below, we’ll show you how to accomplish that.

So without further ado…

How to Design a QR Code

The first step is to integrate a QR code into a good looking piece of artwork.

That is, you’re not just publishing a bare code with a line instruction beneath it. You want something presentable and beautiful.

For that, you’ll need graphic design tools. And what you’ll need depends on your level of expertise.

If you already have graphic design experience, then the following info should be irrelevant to you (and supplementary at most).

But if you’ve got no experience, then you’ll need simplified tools (not the complex software used by pros).

Design software

Some people assume that graphic design requires complex tools. But that’s not the case at all. You can use simple software to integrate QR codes into beautiful artistic finishes!

The best tool for that job is Canva. It provides a multitude of templates, all suitable for whatever QR code gift idea you’ve got! You can also look for inspiration on Canva for what makes good aesthetics

Canva website interface (Want QR Code Gift Ideas? Here are 7 to Try!)
Canva (Want QR Code Gift Ideas? Here are 7 to Try!)

You can find templates for anything from post cards, to portraits, or even slideshows! Though if you want more advanced features and content, you will need to pay a fee.

Next Step – Finding a Print Shop

Print shops are places to print out your design in high quality.

They exist both online and offline. So if there’s no print shop near you, then you can simply try an online platform.

Online print platforms operate as print-on-demand services. You send them the design and they’ll take care of the rest!

So here are some print shops to try!


Zazzle website interface (Want QR Code Gift Ideas? Here are 7 to Try!)
Zazzle (Want QR Code Gift Ideas? Here are 7 to Try!)

Zazzle offers many customization features, and it does give you a design shortcut.

The platform offers pre-made designs for products, such as cards, cups, water bottles and shirts. You pick your design, then tweak from there.

You can select the product category you want. From there, there’s a lot of pre-made designs to choose from. After you choose your design, you can do further customization.  

It offers pre-made designs for multiple events. You can get birthday, graduation, and even wedding designs!

Café Press

Cafepress website interface (Want QR Code Gift Ideas? Here are 7 to Try!)
Cafe Press (Want QR Code Gift Ideas? Here are 7 to Try!)

Similar to Zazzle, Café Press is a print-on-demand platform that sells pre-design products. Both sites also have similar products.

The only difference is that Café Press limits your ability to customize pre-designed options.

It works well if you’re uploading your own design. All you have to do is click ‘Create Your Own’, pick a product category and get started!


Printful website interface (Want QR Code Gift Ideas? Here are 7 to Try!)
Printful (Want QR Code Gift Ideas? Here are 7 to Try!)

Printful takes design customization to the max. It allows you to upload your pre-made designs onto the platform.

However, it is unlike Zazzle.

Zazzle is more beginner friendly as there are pre-design templates for you to work with. But with Printful, you need to upload your own designs.

While Printful offers clip arts that you can integrate into your artwork, these clip arts are nothing compared to Zazzle’s design templates. Instead, Printful focuses on letting users upload their own design. It also lets them sell their designs via its platform! But obviously, you’re not selling your designs.

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Treat those ideas as starting points. You can develop and customize them to your heart’s content!

Stationary (Bookstore Items)

The best stationary medium is a postcard.

Get a postcard, and print a QR code on it. Embed in the code a link that leads to a special piece of entertainment. That can be a video, or a custom message to the recipient!

Another idea is you can get a custom cover notebook for the recipient with a QR code on it. That code can lead to a message that says (if lost and found, contact XXX).

Alternatively, you can have a QR code that mentions their contact and place to leave it at.

It’s a way to ensure that their special notebook (which they might need for work or study) is never lost!


QR code mug (Want QR Code Gift Ideas? Here are 7 to Try!)
QR code mug (Want QR Code Gift Ideas? Here are 7 to Try!)

There are many QR code gift ideas that can go on drinkware.

For example, you can try a riddle. You can print a QR code on guest drinkware, serve them a drink, and let them enjoy some mind games!

Something else you can do is post a QR code love message. Then, give the drinkware to your partner on your anniversary.

Ask them to scan it whenever they miss you. It can link to a love confession video, or a video album of happy memories!


This is one the best QR code gift ideas to try. QR codes and clothing work well in so many ways.

For example, you can follow a gimmicky approach, where the shirt has a riddle question, and the QR code containing the answer!

Or how about using QR codes for self-expression?

You can print a marketing QR code on a shirt. It can advertise a special cause, a hobby, etc. It’s a personalized form of advertising, and the recipient will appreciate it.

Find out what the person you’re gifting cares about the most. Maybe it’s a social cause. Or, maybe it’s an accomplishment they’ve recently acquired.

Have that printed out on a shirt. Meanwhile, you can design the shirt so that it matches the QR code’s contents.

For example, if the QR code links to a music video, you can design a shirt that’s a visual representation of the song!

Home and Décor

Home aesthetics aren’t easy to design. They’re permanent, and you’re staring at them often. But we’ve got some good ideas for you.

You can design an illustrated artwork with a QR code (like the one below). You can integrate it in a room corner. And you can design them in a way to celebrate something special in your life!

QR code art (Want QR Code Gift Ideas? Here are 7 to Try!)
QR code art from Shutterstock (Want QR Code Gift Ideas? Here are 7 to Try!)

Those codes can celebrate a school achievement, a relationship milestone, or even friendship!

But for this idea, we recommend avoiding self-design unless you are a good designer. Instead, find a professional. They can help you finalize a design that syncs well with home décor!

On the topic of home décor, you’re probably gifting that to someone like your parents, spouse, friends etc.

In that case, we recommend picking décor that can be personalized. Something like wall art, decals, and posters will do.

Also, it’s not necessary for the QR code to be the centerpiece of the artwork. It can be an illustrated artwork with a QR code integrated at the corner. The QR code can then commemorate something special!

You can get designs for those at the Cafepress, and under the ‘Create Your Own’ section!


Know someone who likes a creative item every now and then?

Some people do. Maybe you’re gifting someone who likes to attract attention. Or, maybe you’re gifting someone who enjoys trying out new designs!

If so, print out a QR code on an accessory piece. Make sure it’s simple, like a facemask, a bag, or a hat!

You can take that an extra mile with footwear. Some platforms (like Cafepress) let you add codes to flip-flops!

Let them scan it and enjoy a video, a photo, or some artwork!

Stickers and Signs

QR code sticker (Want QR Code Gift Ideas? Here are 7 to Try!)
QR code sticker (Want QR Code Gift Ideas? Here are 7 to Try!)

Stickers are like postcards and stationery in that they’re easy to hand out.

You can give stickers out in a letter to the recipient. You can stick them around your home or workplace, and let the recipients be surprised!

They can hold all kinds of codes, from videos to “I love you messages,” and even daily reminders!

Speaking of “I love you,” we have an entire article on QR code love message. Check it out, and incorporate it into your design!

Phone Accessories

Seems kind of odd to have a QR code on the back of a phone case, right?

You can have one, but for trolling purposes. For example, you can post a QR code that promises the phone’s password, only to troll with a fake link!

For more on that, you can check out our article on rick roll QR code. That’ll give you some perspective on how to troll someone!

Time to Get Started

All you need now is a way to make your QR code.

Our website provides the tool you need. We offer a free QR code generator that lets you embed a personalized message or link.

And if you need more QR code gift ideas, take the time to check out our blog!


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