Designing a QR Code for I Love You? Here are 4 Ideas to Try Out!

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May 17, 2021
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May 31, 2021

Designing a QR Code for I Love You? Here are 4 Ideas to Try Out!

Want to surprise someone with a creative “I love you” message?

If so, you’re at the right place. Because one of the best ways to do that is through a QR code.

How you may ask?

Well, few people use QR codes for surprise messages. So you’ll have a higher chance of really making an impression!

Below are a number of ‘I love you’ QR code in different languages available for you to download.

Qr Code for I love you (Designing a QR Code for I Love You? Here are 4 Ideas to Try Out!)
Qr Code for I love you (Designing a QR Code for I Love You? Here are 4 Ideas to Try Out!)

Language: Mandarin Chinese

Language: Japanese

Language: Korean

Language: Hindi

Language: Arabic

Language: Russian

Language: Italian

Language: French

Language: German

Language: Spanish

QR codes can be created for free (assuming you use our website)!

If it’s meant for someone special and you want to add their name in the ‘I love you’ text, you can do that with our QR code generator. You can also further customize the ‘I love you’ QR code by choosing your own color and style. And it’s all free!

This is unlike many sites which charge you just to download one (like Shutterstock, Dreamstime, and VectorStock).

But you’re probably wondering – “how do I surprise my loved one with a QR code for I love you?”

That’s what we’ll look at below. We have 4 ideas to help you out!

#1 – Send it as a Fake Mail Envelope

Got a mailbox? Even better, got a loved one who likes to check their mail often?

If so, just print out the QR code into a fake letter. Then, proceed to envelope it, along with a letter describing it as a pleasant surprise.

From there, watch them open up the envelope, scan the code, and enjoy the message!

The best part about this trick is, you can try it with any loved one. This can be your spouse, girlfriend, or even a crush!

That is – you can use this trick as a way to admit love to someone!

But as a quick note, be sure to make the whole thing look as professional as possible.

Type out any accompanying letters (no handwriting), and ensure that the QR code is high quality and well-positioned.

But on the topic of quality…

#2 – Send the QR Code as a Card

This works more for lovers who live far away from each other. You can send the QR code on a card as a love reminder.

But what if you live with each other? How do you give them a card? In that case, we recommend sending one to their workplace.

For example, if your partner works at an office, then send then a surprise QR code card there. If their work is on the road-often, leave a card in their car before they travel!

QR code I love you card
You can print or stick the I love you QR code in the card (Designing a QR Code for I Love You? Here are 4 Ideas to Try Out!)

You can even leave that card in creative places, like their bag, card book, or wallet!

Let them get curious and scan it, then wait for their reaction!

If you need inspiration, you can check out our blog post for more QR code love message ideas.

#3 – Post it at Work

It’s an opportunity to show your co-workers some appreciation.

Print out a QR code I love. Put it in sticker form, or in card form like the previous idea. Then, hand it out in gift form!

And if you’re worried about this being an awkward idea, then worry not. You can simply time your QR code for a special event!

That can be a major party, a holiday, a celebration, or even a goodbye party!

#4 – Send it to Family

I love you isn’t just something you say to a relationship partner. You also say it to parents, siblings, and other family!

Heck, even friends can be part of that love!

So why not send them a QR code for I love you? We bet they’d appreciate it!

The effects of that are bound to be positive. It’ll help you build a stronger connection to family. And it’ll help you develop stronger bonds with friends!

For more QR code gift ideas, simply checkout our blog!

So What Now?

It’s time to find a QR code generator to print those codes.

As we mentioned before, you need something that’s free and accessible at all times.

Our website provides that, and much more! In fact, we have a large blog with a ton of ideas on using QR codes.

Be sure to check it out, and get started on your designs!


Photo by Dhaya Eddine Bentaleb on Unsplash

Photo by Anete Lusina from Pexels

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