How to Create a QR code for a PDF? | PDF QR Code Generator

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How to Create a QR code for a PDF? | PDF QR Code Generator

In this article, we will cover the basics on PDF and PDF QR code. We will also explain how to obtain a PDF URL, how to create a PDF QR code and how does it work? We will also look at the applications of PDF QR code. 

What is PDF? 

PDF files, abbreviated for portable document format files, are one of the most widely used file formats in the modern era. The PDF file format captures all of the features and components of a printed document into an electronic visual picture that may be seen, browsed, printed, or forwarded to another entity. 

Consider the following scenario: you write a newsletter in Microsoft Word and distribute it as a .docx file. Unless and until everyone’s computers are equipped with Microsoft Word, there is no assurance that they will be able to access and read the newsletter. Additionally, since Word documents are intended to be modified and edited, it is possible that some of the layout and content in your document will be rearranged. 

In contrast, PDF files are designed mainly for reading, not editing. One reason PDFs are so popular is because they retain document layout, which makes them more shareable and consistent across devices. They are frequently used to preserve the visual look of publications such as eBooks, surveys, periodicals, user manuals, and online scanned files. 

What is a PDF QR Code? 

When you scan a QR code for PDF, the PDF encoded in the QR code will load on your device’s browser. A PDF QR code can be created with a QR code generator. 

How to Obtain PDF URL? 

You would need to obtain the PDF URL before making a QR code for PDF. 

Computer and Mobile 

Step 1 – Upload your PDF 

Upload the PDF to your web server or utilize a free file hosting service, such as ufile or easyupload.

Alternatively, you can host the PDF on Google Drive. Refer to our article on ‘How to Create QR Code for Google Drive’.  

Step 2 – Copy the URL 

After the PDF is uploaded, copy the URL from the browser address bar if you host the PDF on your web server.  

If you host the PDF on a free file hosting site, there should be an option for you to copy the URL. 

How to Make a QR code for a PDF? 

You can generate a PDF QR code for your requirements using our free QR code generator

Step 1 – Enter the URL 

On our QR code generator’s ‘Link’ tab, paste the URL into the empty field. 

Step 2 – Customize the QR Code (Optional) 

You can customize your QR code with the following options:  

Colors – Colors for the background and foreground can be specified. You may use the hex code color picker to get a particular color. 

Design – Choose a pattern for your QR code. The markers at the corners of the QR code can also be customized. 

Logo – You can choose to upload your own logo or select from the pre-existing images. 

Frame – Add a frame, including a label. For example, you can type in “Scan Now’ in Sans Serif font. 

Option – Edit the size and precision of the QR code. By default, it’s set to 600 and medium. 

Step 3 – Download the QR Code 

You can save the QR code as a PNG or SVG file or print it if your device is linked to a printer. It is a good practice to scan your QR code to ensure it works correctly before using it. 

How Does a QR code for PDF work? 

When the user scans the PDF QR code using an iOS or Android device’s camera, the PDF will launch on their device’s browser. If the camera is unable to read the QR code, the user must download and install a third-party QR code reader to scan the QR code. 

Applications for PDF QR Code 

When a PDF QR code is scanned, a PDF file is shown on the user’s device’s screen. This allows users to quickly and conveniently download and distribute PDF documents using their mobile devices.  

A PDF QR code makes perfect sense when it comes to mass distribution of PDF in the physical world. For example, during a seminar or event, a PDF QR code is very useful for sharing a PDF document with everyone in attendance. Imagine presenting a PDF URL instead, that would be too troublesome for everyone to type into their mobile devices.  

The following are some excellent applications for a PDF QR code: 

Infographics and Informational Booklet 

With a PDF QR code, users can easily scan and download infographics and booklets into their mobile devices. These in turn can be easily shared with their friends and family.  

Marketing of Books 

Using a PDF QR code to provide a preview of a book is an excellent method to promote the book or interact with the audience. 

Presentations, Class Material, and Lectures 

Conference speakers or lecturers can provide a PDF QR code that links to supplementary material, and anyone interested can scan and download it. 

Marketing of Products 

PDF QR codes may be used by businesses to provide more information, recommendations, and ideas, beyond their physical marketing materials. Businesses with a wide range of products can also use QR codes to connect to a PDF version of their complete catalog. 

Manuals and Instructions 

By using a PDF QR code, you can easily distribute and provide PDF versions of manuals and instructions rather than physical copies. This is more cost-efficient. 

PDF QR Code Generator 

With our QR code generator, you do not need to be a professional designer or developer to create a variety of QR codes (URL, text, vCard, and more). Our free QR code generator has a plethora of options that will assist you in creating and designing your QR code. After you’ve created it, all that’s left is for you to download your QR code free of charge. 

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