How to Create a QR Code for Facebook Group? | Facebook Group QR Code Generator

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February 8, 2021
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How to Create a QR Code for Facebook Group? | Facebook Group QR Code Generator

In this article, we will cover the basics of what is a Facebook group and a Facebook group QR code. We will also go over how to obtain a Facebook group URL, how to create a Facebook group QR code and how does it work? We will also look at the applications of Facebook group QR code. 

What is Facebook Group? 

Facebook Groups are areas on the social network site for friends, family, colleagues, or other people with common interests to debate or communicate about different subjects. Groups give an environment for organic debate regarding your services and products and offer the potential to increase brand recognition. 

Facebook Groups are the main way to discuss, share and comment on the social network site with people who share common interests. A Group is an opportunity to socialize with friends, family, colleagues, or discover new people with common interests. Since every member of a group is already interested in the main topic, they provide an environment for organic debate regarding your services and products and offer the potential to increase brand recognition. In short, they are the number one resource when it comes to discussing your interests and passions on Facebook. 

Groups are ultimately a way to discuss your shared interests with new people. There are groups for anything you can think of, and the platform allows you to make new ones regardless of topics. You can make a group for your co-workers, an upcoming family celebration or to discuss your favorite TV shows with others.

The main idea with groups is to motivate users to engage with each other and open more spaces for communication on a shared interest. All posts will appear on the group feed automatically or after receiving approval depending on your setting, and this means that every single member will have visibility and exposure. Groups can also be private, for those concerned about privacy or that want to have a thorough screening process. One way or another through sharing content, discussion, and interests, groups allow for Facebook users to form strong communities in the platform. 

What is a Facebook Group QR Code? 

When you scan a QR code for Facebook Group, you get directed to the Facebook Group URL encoded in the QR code. A Facebook Group QR code can be created with a QR code generator. 

How to Obtain Facebook Group URL? 

You would need to obtain the Facebook Group URL before making a QR code for the Facebook Group. 


Step 1 – Copy the URL 

When you are on the Facebook Group page, copy the URL from the browser address bar. 


Step 1 – Tap on the Three Horizontal Dots Icon  

On the Facebook app, go to the Facebook Group you want to share. When you are on the Facebook Group, tap on the three horizontal dots icon on the top right. 

Note: If you are accessing Facebook Group on your mobile browser, follow the steps under Computer. 

Step 2 – Copy the URL 

On the pop-up menu, tap on ‘Share’, follow by ‘Copy link’ to copy the URL. 

How to Make a QR Code for Facebook Group? 

You can generate a Facebook Group QR code for your requirements using our free QR code generator

Step 1 – Enter the URL 

On our QR code generator’s ‘Link’ tab, paste the URL into the empty field. 

Step 2 – Customize the QR Code (Optional) 

You can customize your QR code with the following options:  

Colors – Colors for the background and foreground can be specified. You may use the hex code color picker to get a particular color. 

Design – Choose a pattern for your QR code. The markers at the corners of the QR code can also be customized. 

Logo – You can choose to upload your own logo or select from the pre-existing images. 

Frame – Add a frame, including a label. For example, you can type in “Scan Now’ in Sans Serif font. 

Option – Edit the size and precision of the QR code. By default, it’s set to 600 and medium. 

Step 3 – Download the QR Code 

You can save the QR code as a PNG or SVG file or print it if your device is linked to a printer. It is a good practice to scan your QR code to ensure it works correctly before using it. 

How Does a QR Code for Facebook Group Work? 

When the user scans the QR code using an iOS or Android device’s camera, a prompt to access the URL appears. If the camera is unable to read the QR code, the user must download and install a third-party QR code reader to scan the QR code. 

When a user scans the Facebook group QR code, regardless of whether the user has the Facebook app installed on their device, the Facebook group page will load in the browser. 

Applications for Facebook Group QR Code 

While nothing is stopping you from recruiting members through links and personal invitations on Facebook, you can do much more nowadays. QR codes are one of the handiest tools we have access to nowadays and offer many advantages over traditional invitations. A QR Code for Facebook Group can be scanned whether it is on a screen or a paper, and it is much more practical than the alternative of typing a long link. This means that for offline interaction QR Codes are generally unbeatable and provide simple and efficient integration with Facebook Group. 

A Facebook Group QR code can be used almost anywhere to boost membership. Any place that fosters social gathering is a great starting point. You can use QR codes in conventions, campuses, neighborhoods, or even a bulletin board. 

For example, if you have a group focused on a local sports team, you can print out a QR Code for it and leave it near their playing field. This way any fan that goes to see a match will come across the poster and will be able to scan the code as they enter the game. it takes seconds and if they’re invested, they will likely join your Group instantly.  

Possibly a neighborhood community has its own Facebook Group. Rather than merely mentioning its name or URL on the neighborhood newsletter, a Facebook Group QR code can be included so that people can scan and follow the group easily, and gets important information within their community. The best part is that making QR codes is easy, and you can easily use our Facebook Group QR Code generator to help you in this task. 

Facebook Group QR Code Generator 

With our QR code generator, you do not need to be a professional designer or developer to create a variety of QR codes (URL, text, vCard, and more). Our free QR code generator has a plethora of options that will assist you in creating and designing your QR code. After you’ve created it, all that’s left is for you to download your QR code free of charge. 

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