How to Create QR Code for Event? | Event QR Code Generator

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How to Create QR Code for Event? | Event QR Code Generator

Many times, tickets are a fundamental requirement to be able to attend and enjoy the experience that any type of event offers us. Thanks to QR codes, technology has made it easier for individuals to arrange events, whether it’s a conference, a social get-together, gym session, lessons about a particular activity, etc. This type of QR codes is used to communicate details about an event, such as the place, time, and date. You can also add the event to your calendar.

What is an Event QR code?

People can easily scan the event QR code to save the event data to their digital calendars and learn much more about it, including the location, time, and date, as well as additional information about the meeting or activity, such as enroll for the event or a link to buy the tickets.

With a single press, they may add the event details to their digital calendars. In addition, an event QR code is a kind of code that makes event marketing and planning simple and seamless.

How to Generate QR Code for Event?

You can create a QR code for event with just a few steps through our free QR code generator:

Step 1 – Fill Up the Information

The first thing you should do is fill up the details about the event that you want your QR code to have. It should be noted that you have to fill up two mandatory fields: “Event title” and “Start time.” You can also add the information for the following optional fields:

  • Location
  • End time
  • Reminder before event
  • Link
  • Notes

If you enter your address into the location section, your audience will be able to see your position on a map application once they have scanned your event QR code and saved it in their calendar.

In the “Reminder before event” field, you have the option to choose a time between 5 minutes and 1 week. You can also select the “When the event starts” option.

You can create a QR code for events of commercial or personal use.

Step 2 – Customize the QR Code (Optional)

There are just a few options that you can use to customize your event QR code:  

  • Colors
  • Design
  • Logo
  • Frame
  • Options
Customize QR code on QR code generator

Step 3 – Download the QR Code

Our QR code generator allows you to save a code as a PNG or SVG file or print it as long as your device is connected to a printer. It’s good practice to review and test the code before using it for your event to confirm that it works properly.

Download QR code from QR code generator

How Do Event QR Codes Work?

The user’s device will determine how a QR code works when scanned. Therefore, the steps to follow after scanning the Event QR code may differ depending on the type of device.

iPhone Camera App

A notification will show on the top of the screen when a QR code for an event is scanned with the iPhone’s built-in camera. When a person taps on the notification, he will be sent to the calendar app, where he can save the event.

iPhone QR Scanner / Control Center

When a user scans the QR code using the QR Scanner access from the control center, the user will get some options, including adding to the calendar, getting directions, and opening in a map application. Note that getting directions and opening in a map application will only work if the location is included in the QR code.

Google Lens

When people read the QR code using Google Lens, they are asked to add the event to their calendar. In case the mobile device has more than one calendar application, the user must choose which one to add the event.

Android Camera App

On Android’s Camera app, the QR Code for the event does not work very well. When users read a QR code using the Camera app, a notice appears that says, “View QR code details.” The event information is presented when you tap this. The user can only copy the event details from here. That, however, may differ depending on the Android phone.

Third-party QR Code Scanner App

After scanning the QR code, the event will be immediately entered into the calendar, or a message will appear asking the user to do so. That would be determined by the QR code scanner utilized.

Applications for Event QR Code

Event QR codes may be used in a variety of industry to share event information conveniently:

Event Management

Many businesses use Event QR Codes to advertise their events on digital displays and printed brochure or flyer as a boost to their event marketing. By including a QR code in your marketing materials, you provide participants with a straightforward way to get detailed information. They may quickly scan the QR code to obtain the most current information about your event.

Hotels and Resorts

Events and conferences are frequently held at a major hotel and event QR Codes can be used as a means for people to access more information about the event.

Real Estate

 A real estate agency or developer will have a property launch event and can add the event information to an event QR Code, and then distributes it through periodicals or magazines, office windows, and property advertising signs. Those who are interested can get all the information and register for the event at any time.

Benefits of Event QR Code

Here are benefits that Event QR codes can offer to businesses:

Share Videos and Images

An event QR code allows you to share videos and images with your attendees. All you need to do is include the URL to these videos and images when you create the event QR code. Since printing space is limited on your invitation card or event brochure, you can allow your attendees to access more content by adding an event QR code.

Share Location of the Venue

Some guests may not be familiar with the event venue and they need help to get to the location. Event QR code helps resolve this struggle since when the user scans the code, they can be easily redirected to a map application to check the location.

Share Event Details

Potential attendees may need more information about the event. They might want to know the full event’s program, list of speakers, the event venue, past event photos or videos etc. Space may be limited on the event brochure or flyer and an event QR code can be used to share more details about the event.

Allow Your Guests to Add the Event to Their Calendar

One of the main purposes of an event QR Code is to allow your guests to add the event to their calendar. With the event added to their calendar, they can create a reminder for the event.

Event QR Code Generator

Thanks to our free event QR code generator, you will be able to create your own QR codes in the easiest and fastest way possible. In addition, you will have the option to customize it the way you want either by changing the design, color, etc. At the end of creating your code, you can simply proceed to download and print it.


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