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January 19, 2021
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How to Create QR Code for Email Address? | Email QR Code Generator 

An email QR code provides your audience a convenient way to communicate with you. Apart from just the email, you can also add a subject line and a body text as a template to make the emails much easier for people to send. For instance, if someone is scanning your QR code to send you an email for a job opening, an email QR code provides them the option to do so with a pre-built template to make their application more streamlined to what you’re looking for. A person applying for the position of graphic designer will have “Graphic Designer – Job Application” directly put into the subject line.

What is an Email QR code? 

An email QR code will open the default email application when scanned. The recipient’s email address will automatically be included without having to enter it. In addition, it can also include a pre-filled subject and message. 

An email QR code allows users to connect to your company with ease and convenience. 

How to Generate QR Code for Email Address?

You can use our free QR code generator to produce an email QR code in moments:

Step 1 – Fill Up the Details

Email QR code generator (How to Create QR code for Email Address? | Email QR Code Generator)
Email QR code generator (How to Create QR code for Email Address? | Email QR Code Generator)

Enter the email address that will receive the message. This is a required field.

You can also add the following data which are optional:

  • Subject – Enter the subject of the email so user can identify the content.
  • Text – Add the message in the email body. You can also add proper prompts in the message if you want user to enter their information. For example, if the email QR code is for a customer satisfaction survey, the message could be ‘Give us a rating from 1 (very unsatisfied) to 5 (very satisfied)’.

Step 2 – Customize the QR Code (Optional)

You can customize the code as necessary, including with a logo or a unique shape or color.

Customize QR code on QR code generator

Step 3 – Download the QR Code

Download the QR code and add it to a spot people will find it. You can download it as a PNG or SVG file, or print it out if your device is connected to a printer. You must also ensure that it functions properly by scanning and testing it before allowing users to use it.

Download QR code from QR code generator

How Does an Email QR Code Work?

You can create QR code for email address purposes. The system works with a few steps:

  1. You’ll add an email address and a subject line to the QR code you produce.
  2. The code will also feature a message in the body. You can start a message that helps the sender see what one wishes to transmit to your email address.
  3. When the user scans your code, the user’s device should open a default email app.
  4. The user reviews the email content and can add to the message, depending on the purpose of the email. If the email requires the user to add in more information, your body text must include prompts that lets the user know what should be provided.
  5. The user then finally sends the filled-out response to your email address.

This simplifies the communication process and provides a direct line of contact people can use in seconds. From a user’s standpoint, it is more efficient than a feedback form, as there isn’t a need to fill up name and email address.

Applications For an Email QR Code

Your email QR code can help you communicate with your customers and reduce possible email errors. Your email QR code will also be easy to read on most devices. It helps people link to your business in less time and from anywhere.

You can produce a QR code that includes an email someone will send something to and an optional subject and message form to specify what the email entails. The customer can fill in the rest of the body, but you can add a starting point that guides the user into composing the message the right way.

The code is ideal for many purposes:

1. Report An Issue

You can produce a QR code for email address to help people contact you if they come across an issue with something you offer. The user will scan your QR code and then send that alert to your email address. The user can enter something in one’s email surrounding the problem at hand. You can then return correspondence as soon as possible to resolve the customer’s issue.

2. Get Feedback

You can also get feedback from a customer through a QR code. The user can scan your code and then enter a message in the email text space explaining the problem someone has.

3. Registration or Scheduling

People can register for something through a code, whether it entails booking a tour, applying for an online course, or registering for a seminar. The user will scan the code and then provide necessary details on what one is registering or applying for.

4. Help People Learn More About What You Offer

You can produce a QR code that lets people email you directly for further information on something of value. A customer can list in the message what one wants to learn from you. You can then produce a special message or guide that person towards a link highlighting something you wish to promote.

Email QR codes simplify sending emails to businesses (How to Create QR code for Email Address? | Email QR Code Generator)
Email QR codes simplify sending emails to businesses (How to Create QR code for Email Address? | Email QR Code Generator)

Email QR Code Generator

Take a look at our free QR code generator to help you produce something of value. You can bookmark our homepage for easy access in the future. Our generator provides a simple and convenient approach to producing QR codes. You can produce your code and then test it to see how it works through our website. You’ll find our setup to be easier to produce than you might ever expect.


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